About Us

We are simplifying remittances to and between African countries using our digital token dubbed “Purple USD (pUSD)” while at the same time building a cashless Africa.

With over US$ 48 billion remitted to Africa from the diaspora annually, with the current remittance cost, so much money that could be put to good use on the continent is being spent on remittance fees.

Swychr (pronounced as ‘Switcher’) is a mobile app that facilitates remittances from the diaspora to Africa and between African countries using our digital token dubbed “pUSD”. We have built, the fastest, most convenience yet the cheapest remittance solution to and between Africa.

In addition to facilitating international remittances, Swychr is aimed at becoming the leading mobile money app across Africa, in a continent where up to about 57% of banking age Africans are unbanked.

Our Team

Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true: our team is the secret to our success.

Aaron Munga
Chief Executive Officer
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Harshit Sinha
Chief Technology Officer
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George Enow
Chief Operations Officer
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Jeannot Tadzong
Chief Financial Officer
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Advisory Board

Our advisors have walked the walk before us and are keen at helping us succeed.

Nabil Rahman
Business Strategy Advisor
Nikolai Beckers
Banking & Telecoms Advisor
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Christopher Wilson
Blockchain Advisor
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Scott Osman
Commercial Strategy Advisor
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Josep Que
Telecoms Advisor
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Mathias Hanel
Telecoms & Marketing Advisor
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