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Investor Relations

Here is a one time opportunity to own a piece of SwyChr

Join our invite-only investment drive and own a piece of SwyChr with minimum investment ticket as low as US$ 500.
Bridge crowd funding round
Total raise amount - US$ 150,000
Equity stakes on offer - 3%
Pre-money valuation - US$ 5,000,000
Application of invested funds
Marketing & user acquisition US$ 60,000
Product development & enhancement US$ 36,000
Operations & administrative expenses US$ 11,500
SAAS tools & servers US$ 1,500
Licensing & compliance (Whitelable solution – UK) US$ 35,000
Other business overheads US$ 6,000
Investment structuring
Minimum investment size per investor  US$ 500
Maximum investment size per investor  US$ 50,000
Minimum number of investors  03
Maximum number of investors  300
Stake structuring: All investors in this round shall hold equity stakes in a UK private limited company. This company shall hold 3% equity in Swychr 
Legal and ongoing maintenance cost: Swychr shall take care of the setup and ongoing maintenance cost of the UK private limited company until exit 
Administration of the UK LTD: The 1st & 2nd largest investors in this round shall become directors of the LTD and shall manage relations with Swychr until exit 
Possible exit: Investors in this round shall have the option but not the obligation to exit at series A round 
Investment roadmap:
Mar-23  to Jun-23Pre-seed round US$ 130,000Fully raised/closed
Jan-24 to Mar-24Rights issue US$ 75,000Ongoing, exclusive to existing SwyChr investors
Feb-24 to Apr-24Bridge round US$ 150,000Ongoing, invite-only round, exclusive to SwyChr users, advisors and their immediate connections
Jan-25 to Mar-25Seed round US$ 2,000,000Yet to be started, exclusive to VCs & institutional investors